Lab Automation

Automatic, integrated control of equipment and data.

In the lab, nothing is more valuable than time. Yet modern scientists must spend too much time tweaking and debugging software merely to get code that is just barely good enough to get the job done.

Contact me for customised automation of small and medium sized lab setups. As a professional software writer, I provide real engineering based on modern development processes and quality control, leaving scientists with the time to do their real job.

As someone with years of experience in experimental physics, I also bridge the gap between the lab and the world of software development. Together we can agree on a solution for your lab which is reliable, open and flexible; I provided in a timely packages of development and support of lab automation which

  • is reliable,
  • automates routine tasks,
  • is easy to extend, and adapt as your research changes,
  • safely manages result data, putting them in convenient forms and locations,
  • can track the whole data chain from instrument settings to published plots.

I will work with you to really understand your requirements and then integrate and automate your setup according to your needs, leaving you with a solution that is a pleasure to use daily and which can grow as your research evolves.