Flappy Feet?

Here is something I saw in The Economist:

This is breaching, not tailwalking

Consider Billie, a wild bottlenose dolphin which got injured in a lock at the age of five. She was taken to an aquarium in South Australia for medical treatment, during which she spent three weeks living with captive dolphins which had been taught various tricks. She herself, though, was never trained. After she was returned to the open sea local dolphin-watchers were struck to see her “tailwalking”—a move in which a dolphin stands up above the water by beating its flukes just below the surface, travelling slowly backwards in a vaguely Michael Jackson manner. It was a trick that Billie seemed to have picked up simply by watching her erstwhile pool mates perform. More striking yet, soon afterwards five other dolphins in her pod started to tailwalk, though the behaviour had no practical function and used up a lot of energy.

Do read the original article, which has lots of intelligent stuff to say about Science and stuff. All I have to say is that this is kind of like the movie Happy Feet; but also kind of the opposite.

As you can see, I have had the intellectual equivalent of a Merry Christmas.

I wish y'all a Happy New Year.